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ecoBETA is one of the products we are recommending for large-scale water efficiency trials for domestic and municipal retrofit projects. The product is well-designed, effective and good value for money. ecoBETA can deliver large sustained water savings at a good price, is easy to install and requires little or no maintenance.

Jacob Tompkins


ecoBETA is simple and idiot proof, great European design and technology. Guaranteed water and money savings.

Patrick Joseph Ma
Director of Ecosense Marketing Ltd.


“ We have been working with ecoBETA for over 8 years. Our confidence in these products is marked by our 5-year warranty. Our clients are very pleased with this high efficiency water saving device.

Sebastien Khandjian
Technical Director at MEET
Dubai, UAE


I would like really to thank you for the very high quality products you have installed in our property. I am delighted to inform you, that by installing ecoBETA water saving devices we reached about 25 % saving in our monthly water consumption. Again thank you and very best regards.

Radison SAS Resort El Quseir
Dir. of rooms Mohammed Fadl
El Quseir, Red Sea, Egypt

"We have been using ecoBETA products for the last 4 years in our council area. We have had absolutely no problems with the water savers that have been installed in our cisterns, the toilets have functioned as they should, and Lyngby-Taarbaek Municipality has reaped the benefits of up to 25 % water savings on an annual basis. As the energy engineer for Lyngby-Taarbaek Municipality, I can highly recommend ecoBETA."

Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune
Pramod Sheth
Technical Administration, Building Department, Lyngby Torv 17, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby


"ecoBETA was recognised by international water experts at WEX Global as an outstanding innovation. Major contribution to water conservation across the globe."

Mark Barker
CEO at WEX Global
London, UK


"Fascinated by the simplicity. The only true water saving flush valve, even a non-engineer can install in within 5 minutes."

Mats Dannerstedt
Consultant for water conservation
California, USA


"The most successful device we fit in the UK is the ecoBETA toilet retrofit which converts a single flush siphon valve to dual flush. This product is the most acceptable to customers and saves the most water."

Brian Hooper
Managing Director at Waterwise Consulting Ltd.
Great Britain